Immersion Submission!!

Once again the folk at SQL Skills are offering an amazing opportunity to their community.

The chance to win free registration to an immersion event of choice. My choice would be this one.

Actually, it’s my choice, but I am writing, and entering on behalf of one of my team mates. I hope SQL Skills can forgive this small deviation from the rules. Two years ago I was one of the ‘Class of 2015′, and I spent that mentoring year thinking and learning a lot about management and leadership. One of my DBA team has had an interesting year, beginning to ask himself questions about his career, his future with technology, and specifically with SQL Server. I’d love to see him attend this event and return to work with passion rekindled.

We work in a fairly modest SQL estate, but we back a busy, prominent and 24/7 website which can hit 15 000 batch requests per second over peak. We’ve recently moved to SQL 2016 and we are looking at what features in the product we could leverage. A lot of our time and energy is dedicated to optimising performance, and we have regular “performance days”. The business is constantly looking to add features and leverage our data in new ways, which means we are always looking for performance gains.

The sort of deep internal knowledge I know SQL Skills would share is absolutely critical to us being able to squeeze every CPU cycle, every quantum of performance out of our servers. It also provides us with the technical platform from which to explore new product features, new ways of working. I’m sure the training would be put to immediate and regular use.

From a purely practical point of view, living in New Zealand means we don’t get SQL training of this intensity and caliber here, and if we do want to attend elsewhere we need to factor travel and accommodation into the equation. SQL Skills’ generous offer helps make this equation a bit easier to solve.

My team mate has been working on a project leveraging extended events to build a framework that allows our testers and developers to automatically generate an XE session relating to their changes and track before and after performance metrics. This has led to conversations about query plans, indexing strategies and many other SQL performance topics and has been his main performance challenge lately. The outcome has been some real progress and awareness of performance across the company.

Thanks again SQL Skills, and I’m looking forward to the wealth of knowledge my team mate will bring back from your event- hopefully he can get it all on the plane!!