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Query the status of SQL Agent jobs

I’ve been involved in building a solution on top of SQL Server peer to peer replication (SQL 2014 SP1) and slowly building up a script library for general DBA tasks within that solution. One common task is to add a … Continue reading

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Migrating SQL Server logins

Once upon a migration I would use sp_help_revlogin to migrate logins and remap the SQL server logins using sp_change_users_login. During some recent migration work I realised that SQL Server Management Studio could do most of the work of sp_help_revlogin. I … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2008 Statistics: What does a DBA need to know?

I’ve been looking into the behaviour of statistics in SQL Server 2008 – so I’d like to present an overview from a DBA perspective. What are statistics? Statistics are a database scoped object that are used by the query optimiser … Continue reading

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Don’t believe everything you read: Reconfigure flushes the plan cache

I’ve been doing a fair bit of research and investigation into theĀ behaviorĀ of the plan cache recently. So I was concerned when I read somewhere that the reconfigure statement causes the SQL Server plan cache to be flushed. If this is … Continue reading

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Hello world!

After years chasing culinary rockstar-dom I have done a career about face and now find my self a ripened old junior DBA. I thought that I might follow the fashion and start a blog. My intention is to use this … Continue reading

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