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Locked out of SQL Server.

This is a very cool and useful tip if you find yourself locked out of the sysadmin role in sql server. I have a SQL Server instance with the sa account disabled and all other logins removed to simulate a … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2005 backups in a hung state because of full text search process

I came across an issue today where a backup process was in a blocked state with a wait type of MSSEARCH. The issue boiled down to an issue with communication/contention between the SQL Server engine service and the SQL Server … Continue reading

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Instant File Initialization Security Risk

A while ago I blogged about instant file initialization. A colleague of mine pointed out that there is a small but non-zero risk involved with using this setting. So I decided to put a demo together to test out the … Continue reading

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Apply SP1 to SQL Server 2008R2 on active/active cluster.

While researching the steps required to service pack SQL Server on an active active cluster I came across a lot of conflicting information. Here are the steps I ultimately followed for an error and issue free update. 1. Make a … Continue reading

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