Missing SQL Server performance counters

The Problem:

An odd error popped up the other day while configuring alerts on one of the development boxes:

Msg 14262, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_verify_performance_condition, Line 46 The specified object_name (‘SQLServer:General Statistics’) does not exist.

For some reason or another the installation of SQL Server had failed to correctly load the SQL Server performance counters.

The Fix:

Open a cmd window and navigate to the binn folder of the SQL Server installation folder. There should be a file there called sqlctr.ini. Remove the existing counters by running:


or for a named instance:

unlodctr MSSQL$'instance name'

Now reload the counters:

lodctr sqlctr.ini

Restart the SQL Service.

If this didn’t work, you could have a corrupted sqlctr.ini file, copy one from a working SQL Server installation, replace the corrupt one and rerun the above steps.

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