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Unresponsive SQL Server due to no disk space

An instance of SQL Server had become unresponsive due to disk space on the drive housing all the database data files dropping to zero. Unfortunately on this instance the remote admin connections was not enabled, therefore I could not connect … Continue reading

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Missing SQL Server performance counters

The Problem: An odd error popped up the other day while configuring alerts on one of the development boxes: Msg 14262, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_verify_performance_condition, Line 46 The specified object_name (‘SQLServer:General Statistics’) does not exist. For some reason … Continue reading

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Security & permissions

Security and permissions is a huge topic in SQL Server, but as a wee appetite wetter here are some queries I find endlessly useful: All possible permissions and their scopes: select * from fn_builtin_permissions(default) My server permissions: select * from … Continue reading

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One of the fundamentals of an RDBMS is the R. R for relational – meaning there are often multiple objects within a database schema that relate to, or are dependent on other objects. The first one that will spring to … Continue reading

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