Hello world!

After years chasing culinary rockstar-dom I have done a career about face and now find my self a ripened old junior DBA. I thought that I might follow the fashion and start a blog. My intention is to use this as a virtual scratch pad for ideas, musings, learnings and leanings on all things SQL Server and related DBA type stuff.

I really like a sentiment from Kimberly Tripp’s blogg, in fact her byline “improving my SQL skill through your questions”.  So even though I am a relative newbie I know that I have a lot to gain by trying to explain SQL server concepts – and maybe others may gain from some of my hard won knowledge.

Who knows where it will go…

“Where is the wisdom?
Lost in the knowledge.
Where is the knowledge?
Lost in the information.”
— T. S. Eliot —
“Where is the information?
Lost in the data.
Where is the data?
Lost in the #@%&! database!”
— Joe Celko —

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